Volume Student Work…

So, I couldn’t resist the urge to blog about my students’ first day of work with volume since I had posted the other day about my planning,even though I have tons of other things that need to get done. We are sharing their work tomorrow to elicit strategies and make connections. With the 5 Practices in mind, I am heading off to sequence the shared work to make those connections.Tons of things to work with here!

As always, I love your thoughts on the order and items you would share!

IMG_7741 IMG_7742 IMG_7743IMG_7746IMG_7745IMG_7744    IMG_7747 IMG_7748 IMG_7749 IMG_7750 IMG_7751 IMG_7752

FOLLOW UP – For homework, I had the students try to generalize a strategy for finding the volume of any box and here are a few that I got and plan to build upon…


5 thoughts on “Volume Student Work…

  1. gfletchy

    This is good stuff Kristin!
    The explanation of students strategies for solving volume provides lots of opportunities for additive and multiplicative reasoning. Be really neat to see if your students could make the connections to some of the Number Talks strategies they’ve been using. Might give students more purpose as to why they use NT.


    1. mathmindsblog Post author

      Graham you must be reading my mind! We have been doing quick images w/dots in hopes of making connections. Just asked them after our NT today and got: arrays, multiplication, and commutative property.


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