headshotKristin is currently the Executive Director, Math Suite at Amplify. Most recently she was the Director of K-5 Curriculum and Professional Learning at Illustrative Mathematics, leading the development of the IM K-5 Math Open Resource Curriculum. Prior to that, she was a content developer and facilitator of K–8 Professional Learning at Illustrative Mathematics. Kristin taught and coached for 22 years before leaving the Cape Henlopen School District in Delaware and joining IM. She feels fortunate to have been a curriculum writer for Illustrative Mathematics and Teaching Channel Laureate. As a teacher, colleague, presenter, and learner, Kristin continuously shares the value of curiosity around student thinking in her planning and instruction. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and 2014 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. She is always excited to share her love of teaching at conferences such as NCTM, NCSM, and ISTE, as well as on her blog. Connect with Kristin on Twitter: @MathMinds.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. sheila koop

    Hi Nancy & Kristin – I am currently tutoring a gr 5 student who has expert recall of Math facts but who finds problem solving to be very challenging. He can compute but he can’t apply. He is a HUGE Minecraft fan so I tried the posted activity re the garden with him – and engagement was high and I think it might be a way to start stimulating his thinking and application. Have you any other Minecraft ideas that might help in this journey? He is a great kid and tries hard and I’d really like to try and unlock his thinking. Or perhaps you could steer me to some other resources? Thanks so much.

    Sheila Koop
    (retired elementary school teacher)


  2. Ishan

    Hey Ms Kristin,

    Hope you’re having a great day!

    I’m doing an expert roundup on my site and I think many new Math teachers using education technology products in their classroom like me would love to know your answer to this question :

    If you could only use 3 Education technology tools/apps/sites for your teaching which 3 tools would you choose? e.g. WolframAlpha, KhanAcademy and Inside Mathematics.

    Thanks in advance!

    As soon as I’m done compiling the results, I would inform and link back to your blog.

    Thank you!


  3. dianafesmire

    Hi Kristin. I learn so much from your blog. I am 28 year teaching vet (currently teaching 6th grade math and a doctoral student. Please consider taking my short survey about math teaching blogs at bit.ly/15blogstudy I would over your input. Thanks for considering!


  4. Super Math World Team

    Hello Kristin!

    I came across your blog through the #mtbos hashtag, and it’s great to see teachers doing more proactive and imaginative things for students! Working with kids is always a unique experience and using technology can create a very positive learning experience.

    I am reaching out because I think you would be a great fit for our pilot program at Super Math World. It’s totally free, and in it we work one on one with educators like you to design and share a challenge using our 3-D math game.

    Is this something you or someone you know would be interested in? If so, please let me know and I can send you a link with more information.

    Warm regards,

    Super Math World Team



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