Aurasma Math Work with Decimals

Last year, I started playing around with the Augmented Reality app, Aurasma, in math class. For this particular activity, students worked in pairs to create a video of their explanation and trigger image in which to overlay their response. They swapped their creation with other groups, compared solution strategies, and discussed similarities/differences.

If you have the app Aurasma, simply follow our class channel, “Grays Class,” and scan the trigger images below to hear their explanations.


If you do not have the app, download it here: Aurasma and follow the directions above.

Here are some trigger images to scan and hear solutions:

p2 p3 p4 p5 I definitely look forward to doing more of this work with my students this year and possibly embedding this into a newsletter for parents!


5 thoughts on “Aurasma Math Work with Decimals

  1. Jo

    Hi. I love the 4 example problems you’ve included in this post! Cute graphics. I don’t know how Aurasma works – did you upload these trigger images? If so – where did you get them and are there more? Great blog by the way. 🙂


    1. mathmindsblog Post author

      Thanks so much! My students actually just make the trigger images from clipart. They can be hand drawn pictures, pictures of objects, objects themselves…anything really!



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