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This Thursday (11/13), I am excited to be moderating #ElemMathChat on “Writing in Math Class.” The chat will be 9:00 – 10:00 EST and our discussion questions are below. Hopefully, you will be able to join us, but if you cannot, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!


Q1: When do you use writing in your math class? How often?

Q2: What is the purpose of this writing, for the student?
Q2a: Can you give an example?

Q3: What is the purpose of this writing, for the teacher?
Q3a: Can you give an example?

Q4: What type of feedback do you offer students on their writing?

Q5: What struggles/obstacles/questions do you have about writing in math class?

Q6: (If time or a thought to leave with and post on h/t later): What do you learn about this student’s understandings from the following writing? What would your feedback be?

Student work: Are 6/10 and 60/100 equivalent? Show your reasoning.