#MTBoS & Tch Collaboration

As a part of my work with Teaching Channel, I am collecting video of students doing various math routines in the classroom. Some of which, I am facilitating, while others are led by teachers in my building! It is such a wonderfully exciting and scary thing…putting our practice out there for everyone.

For this first set of 3rd grade videos, I sporadically tweeted out ideas and asked for feedback on some of the routines we did.

I got some wonderful ideas and started to think it would be great if this project could be even more of a collaborative one. I would love to brainstorm and refine ideas with all of the great minds in and outside of the #MTBoS.

Here is the deal…

Each month I focus on filming a particular grade level. 3rd grade is done so that leaves K-2 and 4-5. There are many routines to choose from however each must be accompanied by the supporting materials (planning page, resources page, and student work) like the ones at the bottom of the righthand column of this page.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 10.55.39 AM.png

I created this doc for us to collaborate. If you are more comfortable leaving comments here, I can move them to the Google Doc so it is all in one place. I put a column for your name or Twitter handle in case you wanted people to chat with you further on Twitter or if I have more questions it would be really helpful to have a quick way to chat!

The routines we have been using are the following:

  • Number Talk
  • Number String
  • Notice/Wonder
  • Which One Doesn’t Belong
  • Quick Images
  • Dot Images
  • True/False Equations

It is probably easiest to stick with these routines since the students are familiar with them.

They each must also be attached to a CCSS that would appropriate for that grade level. It may be helpful to give you an idea of where our students are, so the routine is not out of left field:

  • I think anything that addresses NBT and OA for K-2 would be great for where students are now. They have just started their 2D geometry units so that would work too.
  • Grade 4 has finished their fraction unit and is now working in the decimal and measurement unit.
  • Grade 5 just started their decimal unit.

Let the lesson planning begin! I put a first image in for K, 1, 2, 4, and 5. I think it would interesting to see how different grade levels think differently about the image! (Simon you will love that one:).

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