Collaboration As Key Work

Earlier this school year, I was involved in an amazing collaborative project with Illustrative Mathematics, The Teaching Channel and Smarter Balanced. Following that experience, I have continued to collaborate with the same wonderful people involved in the project, as well as the incredible educators in the #mtbos! So, when The Teaching Channel asked if I would blog about my collaborative experience, of course I could not resist!

The Teaching Channel Blog Post

The videos of the experience also went live today on The Teaching Channel! I had blogged about this experience twice in the fall and it is so nice to now be able to put collaborative voices to the written work. The collaboration that happens in the video is truly centered on student work, conversations, and reasonings around fractions. I have paired my previous blog post to the accompanying video so you can have a feel for the entire experience!

Background of the Project:

Collaborating Coast to Coast Blog  with this Teaching Channel Blog w/Video Links

The Project Work:

Lesson Study “Take 2” Blog with this Teaching Channel Video

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to grow and learn with so many amazing educators! I cannot say thank you to all of you enough!


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