Decimal Subtraction

We are doing subtraction work tomorrow in class, so to better prepare myself, I asked the students last week to solve just one decimal subtraction problem to give me an idea of where we were starting. I told the students to solve it as many ways as they could and I got a bit of a range, however most went to the subtraction algorithm. This could be because of my number choice or just their comfort zone. I am posting these here to revisit soon, but after much time reviewing them, I don’t have the time tonight to write about each. I will follow up with a blog post which I am sure will be interesting because subtraction always seems to be.

IMG_9641_2 IMG_9642_2 IMG_9643_2 IMG_9644_2 IMG_9645_2 IMG_9648_2IMG_9646_2 IMG_9647_2  IMG_9649


2 thoughts on “Decimal Subtraction

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