My #oneword

Since I am having my students choose one word that will be their inspiration this year, I have been thinking a lot about which word I will choose. In the chaos of everyday school life, my initial thought was the word “No” simply to remind myself to say no to more things to de-crazy my life.  If you are anything like me, which most teachers who I find on Twitter and blogging are, you are juggling a million things at once. Ideas sound so exciting to me, that I jump on board and say yes without really thinking about how much work it will be and what other projects will sacrifice time because of the new project.

Today, I thought more about it and the word “No’ seemed a bit too negative and I wouldn’t really want that to be my motto for the year, however I have come up with a more powerful word to help guide my actions this year….Less.

Less initiatives that I have to be the driving force behind, less projects that I am not passionate about that will take time away from things in which I am, less things that go around in circles and never make much progress, less, less, less…..


2 thoughts on “My #oneword

  1. Atlas Educational (@AtlasEdLearning)

    Interesting. I came to the same conclusion realizing my last year of teaching that I needed to put my family more prominently in my life and let school take more of a back (or side seat). My principal at the time was not pleased. lol. That explains why I only lasted one year at that school.



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