Volume and Minecraft

We continued our work today reasoning about a prism’s dimensions when a volume is doubled. Instead of using our unit cubes, I thought the blocks in Minecraft would work and give students a visual of what is happening to the dimensions when we make a prism twice as big.

I first asked them to build a prism that was a 2 x 3 x 5 (of course I got this one….his sign reads “Math Man”) 🙂


Then I asked them to double their prism by adding onto their original and we recorded their new dimensions.


Then we tripled the original and recorded the dimensions.



Then they jotted down other dimensions they thought would work and we looked for patterns in doubling or tripling a volume.


And then some students tried starting with another original to see if it always works….

Photo Oct 23, 12 45 03 PMPhoto Oct 23, 12 39 31 PM


1 thought on “Volume and Minecraft

  1. Keith Howell

    My kids love Minecraft and would love learning in your classroom. The game is great for learning skills such as math, inventorying, geometry, social skills, and the interactive environment supports children’s ability to understand cause and effect. I love that you are incorporating student interest into your lessons. Thanks for sharing!

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