My Questions Around Professional Development w/Video

When I read this blog post by Grace, and the comments that followed, I noticed some things…

1 -The wonderfully open, honest way in which Grace put herself out there and responded to each of the comments.

2 – The amount of incredibly thoughtful and thought-provoking comments.

3 – The community desire to have more of these videos for us to have discussions around.

4 – I reflect and learn so much through these interactions.

*At this point of reading, If you do not already follow Grace’s blog, you must do that ASAP*

My noticings led me to these questions around the types of video we, as a math community, would like to have available for either individual or group professional learning experience:

1 – What time range do you prefer when watching an classroom video clip? Is it different in a professional developmet setting vs at home?

2 – Do you like an open Notice/Wonder format when watching/discussing a video or prefer having a “focus question” when watching/discussing?

3 – What focus questions would be most helpful for you to either think about or discuss after watching a video?

4 – What makes you want to comment on a video or blog after watching/reading?

5 – What makes you NOT comment on a video or blog after watching/reading?

If you have any thoughts, answers, or suggestions to any of these questions, I would love your thoughts here: Google Form

Thanks so much!


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