A Great Day of Decimal Division

Today, I really saw such a beautiful picture of the culture of learning in my class and marveled in the way in which my students had arguments in the best possible sense of the word. They were excited about the math, working so hard on proving their answer, and in the end ok with being wrong because they “saw where they messed up.”

I posed the the question 2 ÷ 1 on the board and asked the students to write what they thought about when solving that question, or any division equation similar to that. We shared and collected our responses…


Going back to their journals, there were some other interesting ones such as contexts and what the symbols meant…

IMG_0432_2 IMG_0429_2

I then asked them to write this equation and answer they thought for 2 ÷ 0.1. I was so excited to have a split class of the answers 20 and 0.2. They worked on proofs with their tables and I got some great thoughts around what the think about division as well as references to visuals they think about in their solution.

IMG_0443_2  IMG_0426_2IMG_0438_2 IMG_0441_2

I particularly like this answer because of the way it was written…


At this point they begged for chart paper to create a poster to “show the other group why they are right.”

IMG_0427_2 IMG_0428_2

Each group shared their thoughts and there were a lot of “Oh”‘s and “I have a question for…”‘s going around the carpet area. At that moment, they were completely owning the class. They politely waited to ask their questions, politely disagreed with one another, and openly admitted when they “changed their mind.” I loved this moment so much, I just listened.

I had all but one student who still did not agree yet with the 20 so I had him write down why so I can think about how to structure tomorrow to meet his concerns. He is focused on adjusting either the dividend and/or divisor and then adjusting the quotient. I love all of the “how”‘s.

IMG_0445_2I asked the ones why had 20 to take a stab at a context for the problem and others who changed their mind to tell me what part was the final aha for them.

IMG_0446  IMG_0448 IMG_0450IMG_0447Today was the day I wanted to have other people in there watching to be as excited as I was. I told the kiddos how proud I was of them and off to lunch they went! I then had to bottle up my excitement until I could get this all out. It was just a really great day to watch my class work, and learn, together.


3 thoughts on “A Great Day of Decimal Division

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  2. Cleargrace

    Some blogs I have in my reader. Some I have come straight to my email. Your blog is in the latter category. I teach high school, where kids are missing these critical understandings. Your decimal blog has fueled my math talks! I love the way you post the work. It helps me see some of my kids’ misunderstandings. I really must credit your sharing for some great strides my kids made in understanding! Thank you. I am moving to 9th grade Alg I and Geom classes next year. A whole new set of students, same old misconceptions. I am looking forward to it because of great support online from educators like you!


    1. mathmindsblog Post author

      Whenever anyone asks me how/why I find time to blog, I am sending them to this comment! Thank you so much! It is so amazing to know that the happenings in my class can positively impact other classrooms. It is even cooler that it impacts classrooms in the secondary realm. This is why I love reading others’ blogs and the #MTBos on Twitter. I learn so much from everyone else too!
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting, it means so much to me! Completely made my day:)

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