Which One Doesn’t Belong? Place Value

Since the 3rd grade team begins the year with an addition and subtraction unit in Investigations the teachers and I were having a conversation about how students understand place value. While I don’t see teachers using the HTO (hundreds/tens/ones) chart in their classrooms, students still seem to talk about numbers in that sense. For example, […]

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

After all of the interesting conversation around Christopher’s (@trianglemancsd) Shapes Book and a conversation with Faith (@Foizym), I thought it would be fun to take this thought about “Which One Doesn’t Belong” into my students’ decimal work. With these decimals, I wanted to draw out reasonings about closeness to benchmarks, equivalents, and properties of numbers […]

#MTBoS & Tch Collaboration

As a part of my work with Teaching Channel, I am collecting video of students doing various math routines in the classroom. Some of which, I am facilitating, while others are led by teachers in my building! It is such a wonderfully exciting and scary thing…putting our practice out there for everyone. For this first […]

Rhombus vs Diamond

Every year in 5th grade, when we begin classifying quadrilaterals, students will continually call a rhombus a diamond. It never fails. While doing a Which One Doesn’t Belong in 3rd grade yesterday, the same thing happened, so Christopher’s tweet came at the most perfect time! (On Desmos here: https://t.co/rZQhu2SGnR) Which one doesn't belong? (Diamond edition) cc […]

Properties of Numbers

Earlier this year, I had a student bring up a great conversation about odd and even numbers: https://mathmindsblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/things-i-have-noticed-and-wondered/ After this idea about even/odd rational numbers surfaced, I started having realizations about ideas that we, as teachers, do not ever revisit over the course of a student’s learning journey. Ideas that we could be more exact […]